Why Content Marketing Fails

You have started a blog or a website, you use content marketing, but your sales are not growing. People often make mistakes when using content marketing, so let’s try to guess what could be the problem.

You publish a useful post every week, but your Instagram stories always come up empty. Or you write a marketing post, but your buy button is not available and people leave the site. Understand that content marketing is a fully designed profile that is interconnected with other aspects. You need to pay due attention to photos, usefulness of posts, timing of posts and much more.

Make sure that all the headlines and links on your website are visible, you can buy the product or service you like immediately, you can see the prices and you have taken high-quality photos of your products.

It is important to understand that content marketing needs a clear strategy. You need to answer questions such as what to publish, how often, what we want to achieve, how to track results. If you answer these questions, you will understand what resources are lacking and how much money will be needed to achieve the goal.

If your content is getting traffic, but there are few new sales, you need to think about product advertising. Set up a simple engagement funnel, make users want to buy the product.

Also in advertising, you need to set clear goals, for example, to bring 1000 new customers to your site and then make 100 sales. Understand what your customers need, how you can attract them to make more purchases.

You tout your product as the best, but do your customers know why you think so? Tell them about the benefits of your product, the long warranty or free delivery. Emphasize the quality of the product and tell them what makes it different, because no one wants to hear empty words.

Subscribers are not interested in reading a post they have already seen many times, even if it is informative. Make sure that your content is unique and not repetitive, and that it is useful to your customers. Find a balance between promoting your product and providing useful advice.

It is important to consider people’s search queries and base your content on that. Optimizing content starts before you even write it, so find out what people are currently interested in on your topic and then work on it. Use keywords in your sub-headings, break up text into paragraphs, use links in your articles — work on your content and its relevance.

Even if your content marketing is full of useful information, but your photos are boring or taken from the first link, the strategy will not work.

Everything has to be perfect: the font, the photos, the text, the images. Your designer should work together with the content-maker, so that their work is coherent and brings results. People notice the little things and they are much happier to buy from a site that has thought of everything.

There are no quick results in content marketing, you have to wait for it to work. It’s not a fast process, it takes 6–8 months of constant hard work to generate and distribute useful content. But if it proves to be relevant, you’d be surprised how many new customers it can bring in. The fact is that people need time to think about your product, to see if they need it. The most important thing is to remind people of it discreetly, but regularly and they will make the purchase they want.



Sharing useful features and secret tips about e-commerce and SMM not shared anywhere else

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Eugene Fomin

Sharing useful features and secret tips about e-commerce and SMM not shared anywhere else