How to use Twitter in your marketing strategies

Twitter is a social network for sharing opinions. Users can broadcast their thoughts in short messages which are called tweets. Twitter allows users to send short messages of up to 140 characters to people who read your blog. You can also include links, photos and videos in your post.

Twitter is popular because the platform allows you to quickly share thoughts and discuss them with your followers in comments and reposts, called retweets. Twitter conversations are similar to face-to-face meetings and opinion sharing because of character limitations, so your goal is to build trust with your followers so that they become your customers.

How can Twitter help promote my business?

Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter every day to find out news about the world or to find interesting content that suits their interests. Among these people there is definitely an audience that would be interested in your blog. You can show your expertise on twitter, sharing your opinion on a product or showing something interesting about the backstage of your business. The main thing is to get the reader’s attention on your page.

Twitter is a free platform where you can also attract new customers. Furthermore, if you build a good personal brand, your twitter audience will be one of the most loyal to your brand. With their help, you can increase the conversion rate and brand awareness.

10 tips for Twitter marketing

1. Set up your account correctly

Remember that everyone can see your account, even people who are not signed in to Twitter, so make sure your layout is well designed.

Make a succinct username that includes your company name, put your logo on the main photo, and write posts that are useful and entertaining. Another twitter option is the header image, which is located at the top of your account. It is larger than the main photo, so you can put there anything you want. You can show your branding history on it or put a photo of your team there.

2. Add hashtags

Without hashtags your posts will never gain popularity. Twitter doesn’t like a large number of hashtags in one post, it has been observed that posts with 1–2 hashtags gain more engagement than those with more. Put popular hashtags that clearly reflect the essence of your post. You can also create a special hashtag for your company so that people can quickly find your posts in searching.

3. Follow active users

When your account gains subscribers, be sure to monitor your analytics and encourage your active users. Like their opinions, reply to comments, subscribe to their accounts. The more loyal subscribers you have, the better it is for your brand.

4. Share photos and videos

You are limited in characters, but photos and videos can be any size. If you don’t have enough letters to tell your subscribers about something new, then create a video with the same information.

Photos and videos are also popular on twitter, experiment with content. If you approach the creation of visual content carefully, you can get the post to the top. It has been proven that posts with photos and videos garner more traffic than ordinary posts.

5. Stand out from others

Monitor your competitors online and think about what people lack in their account, what they signed up for. The more often you think about the usefulness of your account, the better content you will be able to produce.

Conduct more quizzes and polls, post interesting photos and videos, participate in challenges and keep up with trends. Think about what makes you different from your competitors and incorporate this into your promotion strategy.

6. Use lists on Twitter

Lists are one of the most useful and convenient tools on twitter. Lists allow you to divide your followers into certain subgroups according to their interests. For example, people who have commented on your post on the SMM would be interested in reading posts on a similar topic, so create a special list for them. You can also include there regular clients, potential customers and active subscribers. Moreover, you can also do a special newsletter for each of these groups.

7. Increase conversion rates with links

Unlike on Instagram, you can use clickable links directly in your posts. Just post the link and write a couple of hashtags about what your article is about or what you are selling. It’s also a good idea to add your website link in the header of your profile, so you increase conversion rates.

8. Use polls

Twitter polls are one more form of interaction with followers. You can create them to understand their opinions on something or to get their feelings about your brand. Use this tool not only as entertainment, but also as a useful tool, thus collecting statistics from followers. This way you can learn what to look out for, correct your mistakes and improve your service.

9. Plan your posts in advance

On twitter you can schedule and timetable posts in advance, so you can spend less time thinking about content and engage your whole audience by posting at different times. This doesn’t mean you can fill your profile once for a month with content. You need to be online at least twice a day to see post analytics and respond to comments and posts. This feature only helps you save time when planning your content.

10. Use ads

When your account is filled out, you can try Twitter Ads. Pay for your most attractive post and it will be shown much more. You can also clearly set up your targeting, which will attract more subscribers and increase sales. Moreover, you can look at the analytics of past ads and see how many people clicked on the link and subscribed to you, i.e. understand how effective it was.