Eugene Fomin

Jul 10, 2021

3 min read

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate More B2B Leads | Get More Leads With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an international social network that orients on finding a job or employees and establishing business ties. On LinkedIn you can follow other top professionals of your industry, can take advise and ideas from them and can make your business tactics better. LinkedIn commonly used like a tool to sell a product, there are many ways to promote on this platform. We have put together these tips to help you advance your B2B leads with LinkedIn.

Networking on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is one of the best places to build relevant connections. You can find any person from a novice specialist to director of a large company and get to know them in the future, you just need to look at the page of this person and start a dialogue with him.
Also one of the success factors in B2B is useful contacts. If you interested in target people on your topic, you should carefully consider the person and what skills he should have. The more requirements you specify, the easier it will be find exactly the person you were looking for.
A big advantage of LinkedIn is an Advanced Search. This function can help you with research some people’s rare skills or new information. Also you can narrow down the search for defined location, company and industry. Careful selection will help you in the development B2B marketing and setting up a target.
Useful content
The key to B2B marketing is to demonstrate value of business. Your content should be very informative and useful. People should want to get solutions here and now when they are reading your text.
Your information should sets apart from the competition and be unique by highlighting what can be valuable for people. Thinking about what you can do for your clients so that they want to cooperate with you.

Interesting for clients
Your posts should be interesting to people — this is the main condition. It doesn’t matter whether it is short like on Twitter or long like a feature, the value of the information is important on LinkedIn.
Based on the responses of people, you will begin to understand which articles are more interesting to the audience and you will already think about sales in this topic. It is in your interest to establish contact with clients.
Staying active on LinkedIn and hiqh-quality content is the main things on this platform. But don’t forget that it is better to take quality, not quantity. Remember that your texts is a reflection of your company and work standards.

Showcase Pages
Another useful LinkedIn feature is showcase pages. They are aimed at creating potential customers because they have a narrower specialization. The content you create for a showcase page should be specifically relevant to these target groups of onlookers so B2B marketing will be more effective than an ordinary post.
Information which you include in showcase pages should have a certain line of business or even a certain company. It is in your interest to establish contact with clients, in this way you create a unique sales funnel for them.

Friendly team
To use Linked more effectively, you need to create pages on LinkedIn not only for the company, but also for all employees. It will be convenient for a future employee to immediately look at the team of employees and contact someone if they have any questions.
Create new connections and build a strong company are the goals of your business on LinkedIn. Empowering your team to curate an active participation on LinkedIn can have major benefits for your B2B promoting.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is best suited for B2B marketing. Promoting on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business. By supporting your relationship with your connections and making informative and engaging content, you can succeed where others have failed.