How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

The main objective of the website for customers is to be as user-friendly and easy to order as possible, while for marketers it is to convert visitors into buyers. Increasing website conversion rates for business owners is much more logical than buying additional advertising, because without a properly designed website they would not want to make a purchase. I have put together some tips to help you increase your traffic and attract new customers.

A lot of visitors leave a website if it is loaded for more than 5 seconds. Your task is to reduce page load time and make your website as fast as possible by simplifying the CSS code and reducing the size of pages.

It is often the case that some buttons are inactive or do not work as well as they should. It’s better to improve their quality and reduce the number of unnecessary presses. For example, in the search box, users often use synonyms rather than the official product name, so it is worth including such words in the search algorithms.

Keep only important fields such as address, phone number and full name. It has been proven that even one extra field reduces conversions by 11%, nowadays people don’t want to waste time completing an order.

Many people mistakenly think that asking for personal prices will generate more sales and increase their email subscriptions. In reality, most people will simply leave the website or try to find a price on a third-party site. Better make a comprehensive catalogue with all the prices and offer an extra discount for mailing. This way the customer will be satisfied and you can expand your mailing list.

This way, people will see that users are satisfied with the product and you will get feedback. Also, customers will have confidence in your brand and may want to order the product after reading a rave review. The most important thing is that the product or service really meets the customer’s expectations.

Some people will definitely want expedited delivery, while others will want to save money and choose a cheaper option. Not all people prefer to leave their card details, so add PayPal or Apple Pay function. Make it so that everyone has a choice and is completely satisfied with their order.

Most people now use their phones to make online purchases, so make sure you have a mobile version. If you don’t, your website will take longer to load, buttons will be awkward and you’ll lose potential customers.

If you have a lot of products on your website, it will take time to find what the customer is looking for. Make it easier for clients to find what they are looking for with filters by brand, colour and product type, and sort by popularity and price.

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