How to Attract Social Media Influencers to Grow Your Brand

There are many ways to promote, but advertising with influencers is still at the peak of popularity. Influencers can help you reach a wider audience and boost sales through their storytelling or advertising integration with your product. I have gathered some tips on what to look out for when working with influencers to get the most out of this partnership.

Influencers can help you increase conversions, gain followers or promote your new product. People are more likely to trust the advice of others than ads, so your job is to make advertising integration seem like a personal recommendation.

If you choose the right person, it will not only boost sales and attract new leads, it will also allow you to associate your brand with a particular person, and therefore gain a loyal audience that will stay with you for a long time.

To begin with, choose the social network where you will create your influencer promotion. It also depends on the advertisement itself, for example, if you have a good enticing video about your product, it makes more sense to look for a blogger on Youtube, but if you want to promote a product as a personal recommendation and highlight its advantages, it’s better to choose Instagram. If your product or service is aimed for young people and teenagers, then it makes better sense to try new popular platforms such as Tiktok.

Maybe you have only recently started your business and have managed to set aside money for an advertising integration with an influencer. But how do you choose the right one?

You should always pay attention to the blogger’s feedback to ensure that you don’t waste your money. They are often available on request or embedded in their advertising profile. Pay attention to views, clicks and conversions to the brand’s profile. Compare price and quality: it may be more profitable to take a few small ads from a budding media person than one large ad from a major influencer.

Also pay attention to the reputation of the influencer with users. It is undesirable to take advertising from scandalous people, because their audience has little confidence in their recommendations and opinions. It is better to choose someone who, in your opinion, best reflects the philosophy of your brand. For example, if you provide a car-sharing service, it makes sense to collaborate with a young man who leads an active lifestyle and often travels, but if your company’s product is a beauty brand, it makes sense to collaborate with a famous actress or model.

Agree on advertising on social media in advance. It may be a promotional post or an Instagram stories, but the most important thing is that it is done well and sincerely tells potential customers about the benefits of your product.

Be sure to keep track of conversions to your page and new purchases made by collaborating with bloggers. It is best to come up with a special promo-code that users will use to make purchases. This will benefit customers and you too. You will be able to see the actual amount of sales generated by the advertising integration with the influencer, and customers will receive an additional discount.

In conclusion, if you’ve never worked with influencers before, then it’ the right time to start. If you follow all the tips in this article, you can attract new subscribers and increase your sales.



Sharing useful features and secret tips about e-commerce and SMM not shared anywhere else

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Eugene Fomin

Sharing useful features and secret tips about e-commerce and SMM not shared anywhere else